Source & Project Manage

Having built strong relationships with local agents and having a deep understanding of property investing and developing, we’re able to identify and secure unique investment opportunities. We have a strong team to efficiently manage the development works and add value to our projects. This allows us to either sell or retain the asset with good returns.
Relationship with agents
Relationship with agents


We work with property/land owners to unlock their assets potential. This is most commonly known as an ‘Assisted Sale’. By doing this the owners achieve more money for their asset because we do not pay Stamp Duty or large borrowing costs for a purchase. These cost savings are shared between EXP and the owners.


We work alongside investors offering a fixed projected return on our projects with security against the asset.


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Joint Venture

Investors can co-invest with us on a profit-share basis. These are generally larger developments over a projected timeframe of 2 years offering higher targeted returns.

Developing Your Site

Do you have a property/land with potential? Savings earning next to nothing in the bank? Or just want to learn more about investing in Property? Get in touch with us today to see how we can collaborate and help you achieve more with your assets.
Conversion of Police Station - Reading
Conversion of Police Station - Reading